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Arris 822G?

I want to replace my old Arris all in one voice and internet modem with the new Arris 882G. Its much smaller and looks iike its from this century :-) Speeds should also be better. Comcast sells the modem at BB, yet I keep hearing it will not work on comcast. Why would comcast sell a modem then not support it? I can pick one up for like $50 and would like to do so. Just not sure if it will work...

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Re: Arris 822G?

First, the 822G is still an all in one router cable modem for phone and internet, but is is slightly smaller than say the 722G.


Installing and provisioning probably depends on the service region. 


According to my local techs, my service area has not yet installed any 822G's, I may be the first as tech support just provisioned mine an hour ago and it did not properly connect.  So I will have to spend a bit more time to get it running with tech support.


For now, wait until tech support gets some of these running if not yet installed in your area - I will bet mine is an IP4 vs. IP6 configuration issue


I will post more in a few more hours after - when and if we get communications restored including phone ...



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Re: Arris 822G?

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Comcast wont provision it :smileysad:


I would like to buy a 822G Myself but it doesn't look like thats going to happen.

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Re: Arris 822G?

Current consensus is that the only customer-owned telephony modem approved by Comcast is the Arris TM722G, which you must purchase from your local Best Buy (if available) that has a Comcast Communications Center/kiosk. About $150 for the modem plus professional installation. Some stores/areas will allow a "self install". Those may supply a kit that looks like this;

Also be advised that some market areas do not allow customer owned eMTA's at all. It's best to call in a see what your market area's policies are.


I would advise against any type of combo modem / emta / router gateway devices. Use your own high quality router with an eMTA.

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Re: Arris 822G?

to all who are wondering comcast has added the 822g to the approved modem list and i dont see why they wouldnt be able to provision i'm about to buy one to replace my leased 722g . let you all know what happens