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Blast Speed



I am using Comcast Blast for internet. The claimed speed is up to 30MBPS. I am using Comcast recommended cable modem Motorola Surfboard SB5101. But my speed is not at all going more than 9MBPS.


What may be the problem?


Note: Comcast speed check is telling that my internet speed is 20MBPS.

All other 3rd party speed check is telling that my internet speed is 8MBPS.



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Re: Blast Speed

Our blast speed is either 25Mbps or 16Mbps depending on your area.

With that modem modem, your speeds will be closer to 16.

If you are in a DOCSIS 3.0 upgraded area, upgrading your modem can help boost your speeds.


One of the reasons why a Comcast speed test will reurn faster results than a 3rd party site, is that our speedtest runs only on our network and servers, while a 3rd party test will go through the public Internet servers, which we cannot control.


Are you having any connection issues with your service?  Or is it just a question about the speeds?


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