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Blast upload speed

What would the normal upload speed for blast be?


Because I don't get any higher than 3.80 Mbps. Which is what I was getting when I had performance. Shouldn't it be over 5 Mbps? When I mention this to the people on chat, they only care about download speed and tell me I have the "provisioned speed".

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Re: Blast upload speed

I have "blast" evidently, with download speeds of 22-25, but my upload is very close to yours, 3.07-3.24. 

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Re: Blast upload speed

3.80 is way better than the 1.3x upload speed here in the North Richmond Area. At Comcast's suggestion, have called in Techs and "upgraded" the modem but, no change. Tried a few friends in the area and they too only get 1.xx upload. On the other hand, the ddownload for all sites tested is optimal and holds steady around the 50.xx mark. I know that Comcast does not guarantee any connection speeds but 1.xx?? "Ah, Com' on man!" it is 2012 and many folks like a two way connection!!!  I do know that the lines in this area are way beyond old as most were installed back in the 80s', that could be the issue but you will not get the cheep bunch here to replace them.


Mother-in-law has FIOS’s lowest "I" package and she gets an average of 50 down and 10 up, so I am thinking of going that way.  


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Re: Blast upload speed

I have Blast here in SE Michigan getting 36 down 5.80 Up with Power boost.