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Cable Modem Life Span

I've got a Motorola Surfboard SB4200 that is almost 2 years old and now may be the cause of some connection problems I'm having.
Does anyone know roughly how long these things are supposed to last? I've heard from one or two people that 2 years is about the normal lifespan of one of these things.
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

I have a Toshiba cable modem its about three years old,been on 24/7. Was having connection problems,replaced with a all in one modem/firewall/ router/wireless/gateway,Linksys,about 120 US$ works great now.
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

I've never heard of one going bad by age, just outdated by unupdatable (is that a word?) firmware
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

I still have the original RCA modem from when it was @Home service - it's at least 4 years old.
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

My modem only holds a connection for 1-2 hours and then freezes up. They said one problem may be the proximity of the wireless router to the modem. There could be some interference. I moved them far apart and still have the problem. The four green lights just freeze up.

I think it is an RCA about 3 years old.
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

Some of the older RCA were known to sometimes suffer from a problem with the power cable not making a good contact where it plugs into the modem...if it's a comcast supplied modem why not swap it out for a new one...
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Re: Cable Modem Life Span

I had a RCA modem for the last 5 yrs. now.
But all of a sudden, started to have intermittant connection problems for the last 3 weeks, then since Sunday , I have had no internet at all.

Went thru all the help, and phone calls, changed the splitters , cable wires and so on, checked the router...everything fine.

So today I decide to go down and get a new modem (cuz this one is old) hooked it up and called Comcast to get it registered....and now everything is fine and dandy...

But , thanks for the help Comcast, I just saved my self 50 bucks....and a lot less phone calls to IT.