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Connect to Xfinity TV over Wii

I have a Wii that I can use to connect to interenet. Can I access Xfinity TV through the Wii, like you can with Netflix? I only have internet and no other service.

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Re: Connect to Xfinity TV over Wii

yes you should bee able to stream video over the wifi.  Especially if you are running N band.

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Re: Connect to Xfinity TV over Wii

If you don't have Xfinity TV service, then I don't think the Xfinity TV streaming stuff is available to you,  And even if it was, those shows are usually only accessible through your browser, on your Comcast DVR, and your iPad in some instances.  I don't have a Wii so no idea what if any browser is built in or if it's capable of video streaming as presented by Xfinity TV.

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