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Connecting internet to my TV

Hello all,


I just recently purchased a laptop and have no need for my desktop. I would like to connect my current modem and router to the TV. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? I've read that I can use a splitter and have one cable going to the DVR and the other to the modem, is this correct? 


Thank you :smileyhappy: 

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Re: Connecting internet to my TV

Pretty much.

From the Wall, Coax to a splitter, Onside of the splitter Coax to DVR/Settop Box/TV

Other side of splitter Coax to back of MOdem

Modem via ethernet cable to Wan Jack on Router

Router Lan Jack to Computer

Other Router Lan Jack to TV (if equipped with an ethernet jack) for NetFlix or Hulu

HDMI cable from Computer to HDMI input on TV (if so equipped) for Computer graphics on the TV

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Re: Connecting internet to my TV

Your router should have multiple ports. Most have at least 4 wired. Plus, if it supports wireless, you can have that, too.


For your TV, if it supports wireless, you should be able to connect to your router. Otherwise, you can run an Ethernet cable to it. If it's too hard to run a cable, and the TV doesn't support wireless (or like some Sony's, it's an expensive USB receiver), you can buy a 'gaming adapter' that is little more than a wireless receiver with an Ethernet port. Typically cheaper than the dongle. (And I should mention that Sony devices will ONLY recgognize that special Sony USB receiver, not generic USB receivers.)