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Hooking up Ubee DVM3203B?

Hi, the other day one of the comcast workers came to hook up the "Ubee" in my household. He plugged it in, to the telephone jack and to my computer. Thing is, how am I suppose to connect it to my other computer sitting in the other room?


He cut one of the cables that was laying around, but wasn't even explaining what he was doing and how I were to access the internet with my computer.


I have an iMac, that can access wireless internet. He didn't even mention what was the name and password for my device


My question is:


How am I suppose to connect this "Ubee" to my other computer

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Re: Hooking up Ubee DVM3203B?

This may help, as a starting point.  (See other info in that thread, as well.)

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Re: Hooking up Ubee DVM3203B?

I believe that device does not have a built in wireless router component so if you want to connect to it wirelessly you would need to use a wireless router. You could also use wireless powerline ethernet adapters. Google for info.