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Internet outage reports.

This link gives "current" outage reports, but, obviously, it is useless when I can't go online. Is there a link to "past" outage reports so I can determine, after the fact, whether my inability to go online was the result of my equipment failure or a system failure?

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Re: Internet outage reports.

Doubtful since that site will have reports from 3 months back listed nationwide for an error that doens't affect all areas. Also it seems once a problem is fixed there is no archive site for the outage board. Long time issue with the accuracy of that board if you search the forums. I usually try to call and see if I can get a message on outages then keep a written record. Also postings in the forums might give a clue to reported outages by other customers, hopefully they listed where they are at.

I haven't seen any archives and has inaccuarte as the outage board has been I wouldn't be sure if I trusted that information.


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Re: Internet outage reports.

I got this message when I tried that url: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)

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Re: Internet outage reports.

That link is no longer active. You can check for service interruptions by clicking the "My Account" button at the top of this page and click "Check for Service Interruptions".