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LAN always connected

My Lan always shows connection and packets being sent & rec'd, even when modem off. What's up and how do I fix? Thanks!
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Re: LAN always connected

Kim: Why would you turn your cable modem off? The purpose of a cable connection and DSL [other than higher transmit - receive speeds] is an "always on" connection.

Anyway that is the way it is supposed to work. The ISP is pinging your connection to insure that it is available or other technical reasons.
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Re: LAN always connected

Kim noted that her "LAN" shows packet activity even when it is not connected to the Internet via a Cable Modem.
This is normal as all devices on a LAN communicate among themselves via TCP/IP/UDP packet exchanges.  Connecting a cable modem to your LAN adds another source/sink for packets.

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Re: LAN always connected

As was said this is normal and the activity likely contains A.R.P. traffic as well.