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Possible Lightning Strike Now No Internet

Our house was recently affected by a direct or closeby lightning strike. Ever since that point we have not had any internet connection. After waiting 3 days for a tech to come out, he told my wife that we needed to rewire our cable from the outside of the house to the On-Q box. Does this sound correct? Our cable TV works, but no internet. He said the cable modem is ok(I actually bought a new one and wasnt able to register it either). Trying to get a second opinion before going to any major expense. Our phone is also out, even though it is through a different provider???

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Re: Possible Lightning Strike Now No Internet

Never heard of a "q-box"... If some of their plant/infrastructure was damaged by a lightening strike it is they who are responsible to repair it. You should be able to have a new/different modem provisioned for service by calling in and telling them what you want to do. They should be able to do this as long as you give them the HFC MAC address of it.

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Re: Possible Lightning Strike Now No Internet

Yes, it's possible that lighting caused damage to your coax that would take out your internet and not your TV-it is unlikely tho, I would expect to see problems with On Demand and/or HD channels. Comcast offers a Service Protection Plan (SPP) that will fix any communication wiring in your home for about $5 a month (that includes your phone wiring, even if you aren't a Comcast voice customer). My advice is to call back in and sign up for SPP. Then have a tech come out and fix/replace everything.