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Setup for a Cable Modem


Recently my hard drive died and so I lost all of my information. I finally got a new drive and have since installed everything BUT the USB drivers for my 3com external modem that came with my ComCast service. I am using my father-in-law's computer and have checked the comcast site and have not found drivers for the modem.. HOWEVER, I have found the drivers at 3com. If I download this driver and burn it to a CD will it work with comcast? What are the steps that I need to take to setup my cable modem from scratch?

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Re: Setup for a Cable Modem

Oh I forgot to add.. I am unable to find the driver CD that comcast gave me so that is why I am going through all of this fun hehe..

Thanks again.
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Re: Setup for a Cable Modem

perhaps the drivers are on the comcast cd. but if the one on the website were the correct ones, kinda depends on how they are packaged. they could be in an executable file, or they could be just the drivers themselves, or something like that. whatever it is, you could burn it to disk and use that.

you may have to run the file to install the modem. if that's what it is, then run the file with the modem not connected to the system. it may ask for the modem to be plugged in, or may have other instructions. if no other instructions, wait for it to install, then reboot pc, and then connect the modem. that should be about it.

if it's a set of drivers, then have the modem off of the pc, power up the pc, then plug in the usb device. windows will detect the new hardware and ask for the drivers. put in the disk and point them out to windows. they'll install, you reboot, and that should be it.

there could be some variables in it, but that's an overview that should generally work. you may have to set tcp/ip settings for that device, but other than that, it would be ok.

good luck.
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Re: Setup for a Cable Modem

Any drivers for that cable modem for your particular operating system will work for you USB cable modem connection.

What operating system are you running btw.... ???


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Re: Setup for a Cable Modem

The drivers from the web site should work fine. Drivers are specific to the device not to Comcast, so the drivers supplied by 3com for your modem model would are the ones you need.