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Terrible Packet Loss to Only at night

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Anyone that can help would be real great. Seems this started 4 nights ago and after roughly 7 - 8pm (mst) I start to have these random issues of terrible packet loss which brings back memories of terrible dialup speeds.


All the Trace Routes show packet loss of between 4 - 9 % starting at which is my 1st hop out onto the net, anyone else having these issues.


These are my levels etc...


Name CISCO DPC2100R2

Hardware Version

Software Version

Receive Power Level
     -3.5 dBmV   ( this changes quite a bit I've noticed from -1.x to -9.x)

Signal to Noise Ratio
     35.9 dBmV ( seems to vary from a high of 37.x to a low of 29.x)

Transmit Power Level
     37.7 dBmV ( changes a bit as well from 31.x to a high of 38.x)

Cable Modem Status

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Re: Terrible Packet Loss to Only at night

Your levels are fluctuating way too much. It could be the modem failing or you could actually have a signal problem. You can start by examining all of your coax and connectors and make sure everything is in good shape with no corroded connectors or old splitters. If you rent the modem from Comcast, you could swap it for a new modem at your local customer service center. If you can't do that or don't see any obvious issues, you should schedule a service call, just keep track of your levels and give the info to the tech.

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Re: Terrible Packet Loss to Only at night

The new modem is 2 days old, had a service tech come out because my sb6121 had some issues because comcast says that my mac address was in use from another account from Time warner, they are trying to solve this issue currently hence the new modem in the mean time.


Checked the cables everything looks good and I scheduled a service tech this morning to investigate.