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USB on Arris TG852G/CT

Last week I had new Comcast internet service installed.  The modem that I am renting is the Arris TG852G/CT.  I was not home when it was installed so I did not have a chance to talk to the installer about the device nor can I locate anything on line about it.  From what I have been able to figure out it is a cable modem/ wireless router combined.


I'm curious if I can attach an external hard drive through the USB port on the back of the unit and then be able to access that drive through the wireless network.




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Re: USB on Arris TG852G/CT

Comcast has the USB port on the gateway devices disabled, they will not function with a drive or other device like a USB printer.

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Re: USB on Arris TG852G/CT

Not arguing with Jay because I am not familiar with that box, but, I had a modem that had a USB port that could be used for interhet access by devices devoid of the normal Ethernet and Wireless adapters.