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What do blue lights mean on my Ubee modem?

When I was first connected to Comcast I don't recall blue lights on the Ubee modem. Now, the US light is flashing blue, and the DS light is steady blue. The third light down on my wireless router also is blue.

Is this anything to be concerned about? I did call Comcast about it a couple months ago and was simply told, "don't worry about it", by a less than friendly tech, who would give me no further explanation. I'm pretty "computer stupid" so thanks in advance for your response.

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Re: What do blue lights mean on my Ubee modem?

Solid blue lights on the "US" and "DS" indicators typically mean that the local system has been upgraded to the DOCSIS 3 standard and that the modem is now bonding to multiple channels. This is a good thing !