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isp user name and password

how do i find the isp username and password, trying to diconnect the internet from one computer and connect it to my labtop but it needs these usernames and
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Re: isp user name and password

It should be the same as the 1st computer, the one you would use to get your mail, ect., and you have both computers connected at the same time if you have a router. :smileyhappy:
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Re: isp user name and password

There is no such thing as an isp username and password on Comcast.  Your individual email accounts have userids and passwords, including the Primary ID.  To move to a new computer using your existing cable modem, simply disconnect the first, power cycle (or Reset if using a Telephony model) it, then connect the new computer and reboot it.  And you're done.

If something is asking for a userid, you will have to be more specific.
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Re: isp user name and password

Are you trying to configure PPPoE in your network control panel? That has a username and password, but it's not used with cable modems, it's generally only used with DSL.