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2 Year Contract

A year ago this month I signed a two year contract for the Xfinity Triple Package that would set the price for two years. Today, I received the bill for the first month of the second year and the price has increased by over $16.00. I called and spoke to Comcast service person who told me that, yes I signed a two contract but, the price was only guaranteed for one year not two years. And in the second year Comcast had the right to increase the rate.


Can someone Help?



Since I have had Comcast, I have had to call the service department every other month to get my bill corrected. Very frustrating.

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Re: 2 Year Contract

I know what your going thru.  I also signed up for a 2 yr contract and every other month the price went up.  Every time I'd call I got the same BS  "taxes, equipment, surcharges ect.".  Well finally my 2 yrs are up.  Now I'm going thru more aggravation trying to get a new pkg without the BS.


Your not alone, cap

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Re: 2 Year Contract

It is very puzzling to me how Comcast can have you sign a 2-yr. "contract" and then make changes that are not  in your favor . I thought a contract was a contract. I was originally leasing a voice modem for $5 per month and I am now being charged $7 per month! When I called Comcast for a clarification, I was told that it was not an item that was part of the contract. I have been with Comcast for only 6 months and I am now wondering how many more changes they will be making before my 2 years are up!

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Re: 2 Year Contract

You might want to read the Terms of Service agreement here>  LINK

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Re: 2 Year Contract

if you are locked into a promo your bill should not go up.  Are you in a promo or a contract.

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Re: 2 Year Contract

I signed up for a 2 year contract they promised my my 2 year contract would stay between $130-$135 it jumped up $20 I'm going through the same thing. Comcast is ripping us off!

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Re: 2 Year Contract

One of Comcast representitive lied to me when i was siging up the said that there is no contract. Now i called to cancle they say I am in contract. They are lier. I will pay whatever is the early termination charges and go with someone else. I do not even get the speed I am paying for. they are just ripping of. I am writing in my blogs that no one go with Comcast. 


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Re: 2 Year Contract

Same thing still going on here!  I got service in Dec. of 2012 and have had to call and fight the screwy charges every single month since I signed up.  This is the worst company ever.  I will never be back when the contract goes up and will be encouraging everyone I know to switch or stay far away.

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Re: 2 Year Contract

My 2 year contract just ended and it went up $76.00 from $197 to $273. If they think I'm going to pay that amount their crazy. Oh, btw, during that "2 year contract" it increased close to $25.00. Comcast's excuse is the "contract" doesn't include equipment costs. So whenever Comcast decides they want to raise the price during your "contract" they can and just use the excuse that it is due to equipment cost increase.

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Re: 2 Year Contract

I can top that! I am a few months into a 2 year contract and mu invoice went up - and not just equipment even the promo price ??? There excuse there is if you read all the fine print in your contract you would see they can raise prices for any thing any time the national office feels like it. The contract is you promising to stay a customer<br>For 2 years. Lol. No wonder they lie to get you to sign contracts - no one would sign that if they told the truth. What an unethical company
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Re: 2 Year Contract

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My contract terms are visible right on my account. It will go up $20 the second year. For equipment, I use TiVo, in my area, hd tech fee non existent. $2.50 month customer owned equipment fee credit, first m card is fee. Am adding a TiVo mini to the bedroom (where I do most of my tv watching). No extra outlet fee, no extra mcard fee. Lifetime subscription $150. Have to pay $35 for Poe filter for moca network, need to hardwire premiere 4 in living room with Ethernet. Have on demand (promised) in my area, since it is on regular premiere in living room. Going with TiVo, even with the roamio, can save you tons of money on equipment costs. I had added an expander when I cut the cord, I can virtually record my own on demand without the service.

Own your own modem, router, and dvr's, save tons of money with contracts. Just my humble opinion.