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Are you kidding me??

I went to the ComCast office. and I ordered a service which cost me $33 bucks every month.



Can you tell me what is these bill? and How I can quit them? I just want Internet connection.:



D3 Voice Equipment 04/14 - 05/13 7.00


HSI National Sik Charge 04/14 15.00



These two entries are monthly paid???Or just one time thing?



How I can quit them?!!

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Re: Are you kidding me??

Well, the D3 Voice Equipment for $7 is the modem lease fee.  That is a monthly charge, depending on your area, you can purchase your own eMTA modem and return the Comcast modem and avoid that charge.


The HSI SIK charge is a one time charge for the kit that you were given, including the cables to install everything.  That charge also varies depending on your area, I am not sure what in your area it includes, but if you contact the billing department at 1-800-Comcast, they can give you more detailed information.

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Re: Are you kidding me??



"I just want Internet connection"

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Re: Are you kidding me??

Are these 1 time charges?



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Re: Are you kidding me??

I just reviewed my bill and see this same charge. I started with comcast in March. I used their modem for 2 weeks. Here is my first bill.

High Speed Internet $29.99/mo.   Promotional Rate 6 Months        Modem Rental $8.00/mo.


Then I switched my own modem. They do not charge the $8 for the modem, but they charge a $8 D3 Voice Equipment fee. I have no idea what D3 Voice Equipment is, but it should not be the modem because the bill explicitly states my Mdm cost is $0.00. I should have check my bill more closely. This autopay option is so convenient. I did not realized they charged this D3 Voice Equipment fee since April.


XFINITY Internet
Docsis 3 Owned Mdm 05/20 - 06/19 0.00
D3 Voice Equipment 05/20 - 06/19 8.00
High Speed Internet 05/20 - 06/19 66.95
Performance w/o $29.99x6 -36.96
Total XFINITY Internet $37.99


Docsis 3 Owned Mdm 06/20 - 07/19 0.00
D3 Voice Equipment 06/20 - 07/19 8.00
High Speed Internet 06/20 - 07/19 66.95
Performance w/o $29.99x6 -36.96
Total XFINITY Internet $37.99