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Customer Retention Discount removed.

So, I receive my latest bill from Comcast, and to my surprise the customer retention discount of $20 per month has been removed. This discount was agreed when I renewed my contract, and was confirmed that it would be in place for the life of my new contract. Well surprise, surprise, Comcast have decided to renege on that agreement and remove it!


It is also a little difficult to speak with someone, as the FOUR times I have called the 'customer retention' department, I have been hung-up on!


Luckily FIOS is coming to my area soon - so it's bye, bye Comcast in the near future! It's a shame the kick the loyal customers between the legs. Verizon (who are our cell carrier are excellent with their current customers), and have won my cable, internet and home phone business when my Comcast contract expires!

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Re: Customer Retention Discount removed.


This has been a ongoing issue with comcast. All what comcast has to do is email the customer a email of any deal the customer rep makes a deal and thats all. What they do is make it very difficult for the customers to get it fix and hope that the customers won't want to deal with it and forget about it. People post there billing problems here and then a admin pass it to a regional rep and then they might call you to get it fix. There seems to be a lot of passing the buck and no one wants to do the work.


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Re: Customer Retention Discount removed.

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