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Expanded Basic Cable Service

I am trying to downgrade to the Expanded Basic Cable. Does this include the Digital Starter channels(MTV,ESPN,FX,USA etc...) except that it does NOT include the music channels, the cable box, 3-4 channels, and the On Demand?


I cannot seem to find the pricing for Expanded Basic Cable service on the web site at all or no one on the phone when I call comcast seems to know what I am talking about. Does this exist anymore? If so, what is the price for Houston, Texas?

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Re: Expanded Basic Cable Service

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Because of Comcast's move to more digital channels, in our market area they stopped offering expanded basic to new users, and downgrades on April 1, 2009.  You must now take the digital starter package, which was only 1.99 more a month, or choose other options like digital economy, which gives a limited set of channels.


This is probably system wide, as they move to their "world of more" digital service.


The notice was on my March 1 billing statement about eliminating expanded basic.


Existing expanded basic customers can keep expanded basic service.  Expanded basic does not include digital starter channels. 


Hope this helps.

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Re: Expanded Basic Cable Service

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I guess you already went to and couldn't find information.  I did find this, it shows 'basic cable' in the list but don't know if it would help you much....Availability of services can also vary by area, I believe. I think you would probably be able to get all your questions answered by calling 1-800 comcast, or if you are close to a comcast office, stop in there.

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Re: Expanded Basic Cable Service

email me if you need any further help.
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Re: Expanded Basic Cable Service