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Failed self installation kit charge?

I just checked my latest bill and I have two charges under "other"


Failed CHSI SiK for 50

Failed Video SiK for 25.


I was told that since service was already active at my new apartment, I can just take the self install kit and set up cable and internet by myself. Great I don't have to pay installation fees.


I got home, nothing worked, so I returned the box, and they gave me a new one, mentioning that sometimes there are bad boxes. Still had no luck getting it to work, so they sent a tech guy and told me I would be charged $50 if the problem is on my end.


It turns out the service was never "on" at my apartment. Tech guy went outside, flipped a switch, and everything worked.


Can they charge me for this? There's is no way I could have known the service was not on, especially after I was told it was. Secondly, that's not a problem on my end. I can't just walk outside and flip the service switch on.


I've called billing and the lady said she would escalate it to her manager, but I don't think she gets the situation. She thinks its my fault that I couldn't get the self install kit to work.

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Re: Failed self installation kit charge?

You should not be charged for a tech to flip the switch.


That is a part of the Comcast network, something you would never mess with.


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