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Rate Increase

Another unannounced rate increase. Those of us on fixed incomes cannot tolerate any more of this.!!! Maybe AT&T will over some competition soon!!

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Re: Rate Increase

Although it isn't obvious, this forum is generally a customer to customer forum and is not actively monitored by Comcast. Although Comcast employees (their usernames are in red) are often here to help, they may not see your specific post.


 To get help, you can drop a note to Comcast corporate customer service (

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible;
Account number;
A link to your post.

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Re: Rate Increase

Do NOT send notes to just any Comcast employee.

That employee may have nothing to do with billing or rates.


I'm moving this from mobile apps to the billing forum.


But the best thing for you to do is to call Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY


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Re: Rate Increase

33% increase in service ( or in my case lack of )prices across the board since this time last year. Customer service is non existant. Service calls never on time and in some cases a day later than planned. Missing work to wait for someone who dosen't show or call. What's the option? Knology? AT&T?  If comcast were a restaurant, I would never eat there

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Re: Rate Increase

I was shocked when I went to pay my Feb. bill.  An increase of over $4.00/month.  No notification given, let alone a reason.  Might I add, that in January I received a total of 6 - yes 6 - advertisement flyers....3 of which were EXACTLY THE SAME.  Am I the only one who is sick-and-tired of being held hostage to Comcast's rates?  I understand the need for any company to raise their rates, however, Comcast is just notorious for sneaking in rate increases and quite OFTEN.  I've been a customer for over 20 years and this is the last straw.  I'm not fond of AT&T but right now it's the lesser of two evils.  Switching to AT&T.