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Return comcast equipment

Return comcast equipment - I have returned comcast equipment on 4/7 - drop box location at Bellevue, WA.

Today, I received voice mail and email stating I need to return the equipment to avoid further charges.

I have spent an hour on Monday (4/8) with onlne rep explaining this and asking about equipment return charges on my account and today I receive another set of mail and voice mail. I'm concern with how my account closure and final statement is being handled.

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Re: Return comcast equipment

If you did not get a receipt for the returned equipment, it will be difficult to prove that you returned it.

Comcast does not do any sort of inventory control, so it's on you to show that the equipment was returned.

Good luck.

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Re: Return comcast equipment


Send an e-mail to this address


full name

service address

phone number

account number

link to this thread

full details of the problems


Like barbie said Comcast doesn't do a good job of inventory control.