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Senior Pricing

Are there any special pricing programs for seniors with Comcast

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Re: Senior Pricing

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Re: Senior Pricing

Great question! I wished someone would contribute.

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Re: Senior Pricing

I don't understand the answer to my post;  All I want to know is there pricing available for seniors????

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Re: Senior Pricing

A 2nd poster added to your original post, and they had their email address in the post, that is what QE is posting about.


Basically the answer is No, there is no senior pricing, but you should call Comcast just in case your market has any specials then can offer you.  Comcast policies and pricing vary by market area, so there is many  times not one answer for everyone.


No one on these user to user community forums has knowledge of specific pricing for your area.

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Re: Senior Pricing

Just found this... I used to get this, and after a temp package change. I've been having a problem getting this back.. 


Senior and Disabled Citizen Discounts: