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Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill

So I got the HD Complete XF Triple Play because I want all the channels available, as well as the fastest internet service offered and digital voice.


According to the Comcast website, this bundle includes:

  • AnyRoom® DVR service so you can watch recorded shows in any room you want up to 4 rooms – and in HD. Plus, get stunning HD picture quality included for 3 additional TVs. That's a total of up to 4 TVs with HD service!
  • Over 200 digital channels, including HBO®, Starz®, Cinemax®, Showtime® and The Movie Channel®.
  • Thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows – on TV and online.
  • Sports Entertainment Package, including NFL RedZone.
  • Faster Internet speeds.
  • Wireless Gateway to connect your whole house and all your devices to the Internet.
  • Constant Guard – the most comprehensive online protection of any Internet Service Provider – included at no extra cost (a $360 value).
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • Voicemail plus 12 popular calling features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, and more.
  • Backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Comcast Customer Guarantee.

On my latest bill, here is what I'm getting charged for:

HD Complete XF Bundle 05/18 - 06/17 - $199.99


Additional XFINITY TV Services
Complete Add'l Outlet Svc 05/18 - 06/17 0.00
HDTV Converter with Remote Control.
HD Technology Fee 05/18 - 06/17 9.95
Digital Additional Outlet 05/18 - 06/17 9.95
SD Set Top Box 05/18 - 06/17 9.95
Additional SD Set Top Box
Sports Tier 05/18 - 06/17 7.00
Total Additional XFINITY TV Services $36.85
Additional XFINITY Voice Services - $9.95
Modem Lease-Voice 05/18 - 06/17 7.00
Non-Published 05/18 - 06/17 4.50
UCC Fee 05/18 - 06/17 1.00


Here are my questions:

1. The first bullet under the Complete XF Triple Play description says that it includes HD service to four rooms. It seems that I need to get new set top boxes from Comcast that support this feature. Will I have to pay extra to rent the three additional set top boxes?

2. Do the anyroom DVR compatible set top boxes only work with HD televisions? (I've got two HD TVs and two SD TVs)

3. If I'm supposed to have up to 4 TVs with HD service, why am I getting charged for an additional digital outlet?

4. Why am I getting charged an HD technology fee? Isn't HD service specifically part of the bundle?

5. Am I supposed to pay extra for the voice modem or is that supposed to be included in the bundle?

6. Why am I still paying for the sports tier separately? Does the sports entertainment package included in the bundle not include the sports tier???

7. I pay for the non-published number (I've paid for this feature for as long as I've been with Comcast...6 years), but my name, phone number, and address still show up in the local phone books. What gives?


If you're still reading, thank you. I know this post is probably longer than usual. Any insight into my questions above would be greatly appreciated. Over the last 6 years I've been with Comcast, I've found that I often get incorrect and conflicting information depending on which customer service representative I end up talking to, which is why I chose to post my questions here. :smileyhappy:


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Re: Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill

1.  That bundle and your description says you get the multiroom dvr, so yes you need new boxes if you want that feature.  multiroom dvr will give you one main dvr and up to 3 slave boxes that can control the main box.  These are just dummy terminals they cannot record or pause live tv as they have no hard drive like the main dvr box.


2.  you can put the boxes on non hd tv's

3. How many cable outlets do you have now?

4.  Everyone with hd pays the technology fee.

5.  you rent the modem.  you are free to buy your own though.

6.  you need to call comcast on that one.

7.  That must be a mistake on comcast end, I would call them to report it.


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Re: Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill


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Re: Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill

I really think they do this to everyone! It really sucks that they may get away with it with anyone! It took me 2 months to get it straightened out.
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Re: Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill

They had overcharged me $240+ and I really had to fight for it, 10+ phone calls and lots of patience to get someone competent to listen
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Re: Upgraded to HD Complete XF bundle- confused by bill

I am also confused by bill.  Somone was to call me back, never did.  Also, someone to call my husband back due to his not being able to reply to his email on our home computer, although at work he's fine and his cell is fine (???)  


I upgraded to HD Complete Xf.  Is this different than X1 Platform ??? I"m so confused.


Firt they told me on the phone that there was a special at $199/mo for 12 mos.  But, my bill states 245.49 with -20.50 for total Bundled services at $224.99 ????


too much to list, I just called and asked that they have the same bill in front of them so we can go over line-by-line....wasn't happening.  Now I'm supposed to get a call from a supervisor tonight.....


way too convoluted.

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