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total taxes,surcharges & fees

Total taxes, surcharges & fees add up to $1.49, yet you bill me for $7.08. there's something wrong with your addition.  Why the difference????

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Re: total taxes,surcharges & fees


Contrary to the looks of it you are not talking to Comcast here. These forums are mainly a customer to customer forum.

No one here can answer that question. If Comcast employees do see this they won't respond on the forums at all.

You will need to either go to a local office and ask or call 800-COMCAST and ask for Billing for an explanation.


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Re: total taxes,surcharges & fees

Despite the misleading appearance and your legitimate expectation of receiving an answer, this forum is no longer monitored by Comcast, and you're not really taking to them here. Instead, you'll have to call Comcast and speak to the billing depaertment. We 're all other customers here and can't access your account.