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Adult Programming

I spend quite a bit of money per month on programming, lots of adult VOD, and as a customer who for atleast the last 12 months carried a balance of well oer $250 to $300 a month thereabouts...everytime I used the chat as I do with 90% of my comcast questions....Playboy seems to be the only monthly option available. Everyday, I get offers from DishNetwork and DirecTV offering me more choice on the matter, and for $29.95 to $39.95 it would certainley cut down my VOD orders, not to mention I think I have some kind of $$$ a month threshhold as well. Are there any plans in the near future (3 months), to have more than just PLAYBOY as a monthly adult subscription service in my area (Blacksburg VA 24060)....



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Re: Adult Programming

See this for channel requests.