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Antenna TV

Since when has Antenna TV been on 201?  I'm glad, but why doesn't Comcast tell us?

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Re: Antenna TV

No idea, but this shows it on 201 in D.C., so that may be where you are. 

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Re: Antenna TV

I found out about it in the Comcast menu-menu-messages several weeks ago..

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Re: Antenna TV

when will it be in baltimore i like  this channel i watched while PA

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Re: Antenna TV

I can receive this channel when I have my cable plugged into the back of my tv but when i connect the dta box I cannot receive the channel. I live in CT and was wondering if I will be able to get this channel with the dta box.

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Re: Antenna TV

A channel locator including what channel it is carried on the local cable systems is on Antenna TV's web site


Any carriage of adding this should be directed to Antenna TV, as carriage is determined by the local Tribune Broadcasting OTA station if there is one in the market area.