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Big Ten Network

I'm trying to obtain information on the Comcast website as to subscribing to the Big Ten Network, but I can't find it in any channel listings. I have Digital Starter.



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Re: Big Ten Network

I don't know if you can subscribe only to the Big Ten Network; you'd need to ask your local Comcast customer service people.  Here in the Seattle are, BTN is one of the channels you get with the "Sports and Entertainment" package.  The channel lineup for your area/zip code should have it listed if it is available at all.


I say "if" becasue it may not be available in your area. We cannot get either the ACC or SEC network here (either or which I'd prefer personally as an uprooted Southerner).

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Re: Big Ten Network

When will the Big ten network be available in HD in San Francisco? Could do without a lot of other channels.