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Can I go back to analog?

Does Comcast still offer analog cable TV? I don't see anything on the packages offered. I have the digital starter promo package which is going to go up in price in a few months. If I don't want this package what are cheaper alternatives? A lot of the shows I watch I can probably watch online.


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Re: Can I go back to analog?

Your only analog choice is limited basic, which will give you some of your local network stations, and maybe a few more channels.  It varies by system, but usually would be channels 2-22 or so.


All other channels would need some kind of digital package.  There is digital economy package, which gives you a limited number of digital stations & your locals, and is cheaper than digital starter.  Price varies by market, but would be around $39.95 plus taxes and fees.


At the top of this web page there is a menu for programming, and under that there is channel listings.  Check if digital economy shows up as a choice.



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Re: Can I go back to analog?

Not to butt in on Jay here, but it should be noted that even Basic service is probably going to require some sort of a set-top box. Since the digital transition last year, all source programming now exists only in a digital format, so there really is no such thing as analog, per se. If you are able to receive programming in your area directly from the line (without the need for a box/converter), it's most likely because your area hasn't been completely upgraded yet, and it's only a matter of time before some sort of box/converter/CableCard will be required to receive programming.
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Re: Can I go back to analog?

Comcast still provides basic analog without need for a box in most areas.  Augusta, GA is an exception.