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Channel Lineup for Economy Plan

I currently have the basic package that's $14 for a handful of channels...which is ok. I called comcast and they said there was an "Economy" package that is ~$30. I cannot find this package on the website or anything to find out what channels you get. My zip code is 37037. The person in the chat couldn't find them.
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Re: Channel Lineup for Economy Plan

I found something called "Digital Starter" in your area for the following rate:


For new subscribers.

Promotional Rate is $29.99/month for 6 month(s) for eligible customers, ongoing price is $55.75/month


I'm  not sure that's the package you refer to, but note that it's for new subscribers and the rate goes up after 6 months.




I also found something called Full Basic for $55.75.  I don't see an Economy package for a straight $30 with no increase after 6 months.


Go to this site and input your address to find the channel listings under the Programming tab.