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Filipino Channnel and Bunddles


To Comcast,

I would like to request again in regards to international channel that you are offering as added channel to digital cable. It was almost 6 months you promise me that you will going to offer the Filipino Channels and Bundles. This is my 3rd request but it seems that you are not giving any attention to my concern. Can you let me know as soon as possible about the request to have the international channel available in the area. FYI, the other cable companies have the Filipino Channels and Bundles already available in my area. Please don't just promise! I hope you will do something about it...


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Re: Filipino Channel and Bundles

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See this post for channel requests.

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Re: Filipino Channnel and Bunddles

All i can say is Good Luck! I have been requesting TV GLOBO out of Brasil for well over a year and keep hearing the same excuse. In my latest email to the office of Rick Germano, i told them that every other cable and satellite provider in  my area offers TV GLOBO so why not Comcast? We even have a large Brasilian community in my area.  In the end, we will probably end up switching cable providers. You should move to my area where they offer many multiple Filipino channels but still no TV GLOBO.

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Re: Filipino Channnel and Bundles