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SoapNet Discontinued and Promotional Offers

I can see changing the programming during the day, but children should not be watching shows after dinner.  It should be family time, and whose children are up after 8 or 9 watching cartoons.  Comcast could have left Soapnet on after 8:00 for the remainder of the night.  Also 1000 tier channels have been added which are basically a repeat of other channels, Soapnet could have been added there.  All the other cable providers in this area are still broadcasting Soapnet, Comcast is the only one who has cancelled it.  Does anyone at this company ever consider to maybe asking their customers what they would like, instead of doing whatever they like.   Also why are only new customers given promotional pricing and established customers are never allowed to have this pricing also when they add on to their service.  I just signed on for the Triple Bundle and all other cable providers are looking a lot better with their offers than Comcast.  Myself and other customers are seriously considering going somewhere else. 

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Re: SoapNet Discontinued and Promotional Offers

Soapnet ceased operations on most cable and satellite providers on March 22, 2012, with Disney Junior replacing it in its channel space. An automated Soapnet schedule continues for providers who have not yet made carriage agreements for Disney Junior.


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