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Universal Sports Channel

How do I get comcast to show universal sports in my area? They have cycling events (Vuelta Espana) and great coverge of olympic events including cross contry ski events and downill.

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Re: Universal Sports Channel

It seems that most television market area's it carried on a sub channel of your local NBC TV station.  The local station would then have a contract with Comcast to carry the channel on Comcast's system.


Here's a link to the area's carrying Universal Sports Channel.


If it isn't carried in your area, I'd start first by contacting your loca NBC channel for information.

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Re: Universal Sports Channel

I have Emailed KSHB about Digital Sub Channels like RTN/Universal Sports Network but never got anwser back.

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Re: Universal Sports Channel

I am trying to figure out why Universal Sports is not showing in my area. It is listed still on the Universal Sports listing for my zip code. I have watched the station several times but now it is not showing. Could someone please let me know if it has changed stations? Right now it is listed as 295 for zip code 48187.

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Re: Universal Sports Channel

I am disappointed that I cannot get Universal Sports on my Comcast service in zip code 61701.  This year, most of the competitive figure skating events will be carried only on this channel.  I pay for the sports package and others in my family have numerous options to watch their favorite sports -- but as a figure skating fan, I am left unable to keep up with the competitions.  When it comes time for the Winter Olympics, I won't even know many of the skaters' names, let alone their competitive history.  Please make this channel available, at least in the sports package.

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Re: Universal Sports Channel


Sorry for the inconvenience. I have escalated your request to the appropriate group.

You may submit your suggestions and feedback by going to the customer feedback form which can be found by going to and scrolling to the very bottom of the page.  Click on ' Feedback'

Thank You