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Compatible Arris TM602G/115 Modem

I'm looking to avoid the $7. a month fee for renting a modem. I have the Arris TM602G/115 Modem and would like to know what modems are compatible. Thanks.

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Re: Compatible Arris TM602G/115 Modem

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Check your local BestBuy store and see if they have a Comcast communication center/kiosk. Those would be the only market areas that allow customer owned telephony modems/eMTA's. You must purchase the Arris 722G modem from them and schedule a professional tech install.

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Re: Compatible Arris TM602G/115 Modem

And if your goal is to save $7/mo, consider that the Arris is a tad pricey ($140 or so last I looked) and with the required tech visit fee, it might run you as high as $190 which means you have have more than 2 years before you break even...