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Re: Constant Guard problems with un-installing it

When I tried to uninstall Constant Guard, my computer made a shrieking sound and screen went black. Comcast guy came and tried computer and said it was messed up. Told me to call Liberty Mutual insurance company to file a claim. Insurance company says it's not Comcast's fault. I would like to have computer checked, but do I need to pay for that? Shouldn't Comcast be responsible?

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Re: Constant Guard problems with un-installing it

It sounds like you have a hardware problem.  Since it's your computer and not Comcast's, why would they be responsible?  Installing software is not going to cause the kind of problem you describe.


I can think of several causes of a shrieking noise:


1. Fan bearing seized up.  This would not necessarily cause a blank screen, but might lead to overheating problems down the road.

2. Hard drive seized up.  This would cause the system to not boot, but the screen should still show the power on self test and BIOS messages, etc.

3. Fan on the video card seized up and the video card was fried.  Accounts for the blank display.

4. Motherboard or other component failed causing some random noise to be emitted by your speakers. Would also account for the blank display.

5. Power supply fan seized causing the power supply to fry which means no power to the computer.  Again would account for the blank screen.


Probably lots of other possibilities, as well.  If you are not comfortable rooting about inside your computer's case, then you will need to have someone else take a look and repair/replace as needed.  Either way, it doesn't appear to be Comcast's fault or responsibility.

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Re: Constant Guard problems with un-installing it

same thing happened to me today when I uninstalled it, I'm pretty sure it screwed up my registry. Froze up my start up screen - nothing worked I ended up having to reload XP PRO (repair mode) and then spent the night installing windows updates - it sucked. I'm not to happy with Comcast or Norton right now.