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Wireless Optical Mouse

I just acquired COMCAST this week. Ever since the installer was here, I have had trouble/problems with my wireless mouse. I can't get it to work. Any suggestions??

Also, everytime I log on, I get a message about Microsoft Installer and PhotoGallery. It wants me to install a disk, but I'm at a loss as to what they mean!

Can anyone help a not-so-learned computer user?

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Re: Wireless Optical Mouse

Hi Morgans Mom,
Welcome to our Comcast forums. And to Comcast.Do not have any idea about the mouse......:smileysad:
Did Comcast install the software? I am thinking that is what has happened and that the software is asking you to do the install. If you do not want it now, just tell it no. You can always get it at some later date.
My main concern about all new folks that come to Comcast is your security. Broadband is great, but it does not come with out its down side.
Do take a good look at the security Forum. Esp the top threads in the gray area.
Any questions about that will best be answered in the Security forum.
In order of importance.
Lock down your computer so that you will be safe, then the rest can be tended to. :smileywink:

Naddie D
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Re: Wireless Optical Mouse

Try re-installing the mouse driver. Make sure your batteries are not drained.
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Re: Wireless Optical Mouse

Hi couldn't help myself.
I can't help with the mouse issue, but I might be able to
with the other you by chance have an HP all-in-one
type printer connected? If so, then try putting the HP cd in and
clicking ok. Photo gallery is HP's photo and imaging application
used with the all-in-ones. I have had to do this in the past on mine.

Hope this helped