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APRIL 15, 2012  How can your company consistently fail to provide a "simple service" year after year after year?  Every year thousands of people are seasonal customers in Florida and each and every year they request for their service to be turned on and then 6 months later turned off or better known as put on SEASONAL.  All of us either experience this once or in my case twice during this annual migration.  I refer to twice meaning that I have to deal separately (this is so stupid) with each Comcast location both in WV and Florida using two separate phone numbers, account numbers, and contact information.  In both instances it rarely takes one phone call to accomplish this task.  I have had everything from sitting on a hold key for one hour (missing one of my favorite TV shows because never anticipated it would take one hour) only to be told by the agent that finally answered that she was in Palm Beach and had no clue how to put my service on seasonal so could I please call back?  What........are you thinking?  Having accomplished nothing I was pleased to find an insert in our local paper the next day that said you can now go on to a website for Florida seasonal (that does not solve my WV seasonal problem....of which I will discuss later) and fill out the form and everything will be set.  I thought oh my gosh Comcast has found a way to be efficient.  NOT!!!  After leaving Florida I checked my Comcast bill online to see full charges for the month of April.  Another phone call to Comcast resulted in a "oh, yes, we have had many problems with that website especially with certain internet service providers such as Google, etc."  Well, add Internet Explorer to that list because obviously my request did not go through either.  Not being able to solve this problem with that phone call, I was told that a Supervisor would call me back either Friday or definitely on Saturday.  Today is Sunday, your offices are closed and no resolution in sight.  I have to add this yet again to my list of things to do for this upcoming week.  Hours of used cell phone minutes, frustration beyond what I can civilly explain and why do I keep Comcast service????  You are the only internet provider in our area of WV.  So now, let me tell you about my WV Comcast problem!  What do you mean that I can only have your service on Seasonal for 4 months in WV?  I can have it for 7 months in Florida and only 4 months in WV?  Why should I pay twice to the same company for service in two areas when I am not there?  Oh, Direct or Dish are looking real good now.  I really do expect a phone call from the CUSTOMER CARE people at your company to tell me/us how you expect to resolve these issues.          

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I'm sorry you are having issues. I've notified Comcast that you need help.

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Terrible service in Florida I have no problem in Michigan I have made 3 calls today on hold for at least 45 mins before I hung up. Strange all I want to do is add aservice and does not allow me to do it on line at Port St Lucie. Don't you just love the msg. while waiting  on how important your call is. I have 3 comcast accounts and this Florida account frustrates the heck out of me. Went to the local office to sign up for internet stood in line for 1 hour - the staff were great when you finally got to speak with them. They must be stressed out.

4ht call and still listening to the horrible music