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Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

Ever since I've had Comcast the signal while watching TV has cut out every so often.  Usually during bad storms.  Recently the signal from Comcast has been near unuseable.  I barely managed to get onto this website, the internet and TV has been down for over an hour and by luck I'm able to write this message.


What usually happens is the TV will begin to rapidly deteriate the picture quality, cut in and out and then go dead.  The internet at the same time will stop working entirely.  I contacted Comcast and they sent over a technictian.  The tech took a look at my signal strength and it was very low.  Eventually the tech worked his magic and the signal strength was back to normal.  Unfortunetly later in day, after the tech left, the issue came back with a vengance.  I contacted Comcast again and they sent over another tech a couple days later.  This tech explained that the entire neighborhood that I live in has a serious issue that Comcast does not know how to fix at the moment.  Over the 5 phone calls I've made to Comcast I was never told about this neighborhood issue until the tech explained it to me.  I contacted Comcast again and they denied knowing about this issue that the tech had explained to me.  I am thankful that the tech told me the truth, but I am furious that Comcast would lie to me over the phone.  Right now I have the contact information for Verizon and I am considering switching very soon.


This has been going on for over 3 weeks.  I can barely watch TV or use the internet without them losing the entire signal.  This is beyond frustrating.  I need the internet to do business orianted work and I can't watch my favorite TV shows with my family :smileysad:


I would just love to know the truth and would like to know that something is being done.  Even if Comcast contacted me and told me, "We don't know what the issue is but there is something wrong with your neighborhood"  I would be happy.  I recently made a phone call to Comcast denying to pay for the bill this month because 80% of the time I don't have a connection.


I had to wait 40 minutes after I finished typing this message to submit it because my internet went out :smileyangry:

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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

When was the last time a tecch was out to check out all the wiring and connections?


Issues like this are usually very close to home, and many times in the last 100-200 feet of wiring.


If you haven't called Comcast support yet, you must do that, and insist on a tech visit.  it will not fix itself, and most likely not affecting your neighbors, but only your locaton.

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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

I had two tech visits overall within the last week.  The first tech checked out the wiring and connections for my house.  He managed to fix the signal strength coming into my house and replaced a couple old wires.  The second tech was the tech who explained that the issue has stumped Comcast and that my entire neighborhood is effected.


I have contacted Comcast support over 5 times.  They told me they have been experience a problem for a week in my area.  I explained it has been an ongoing issue for over 3 weeks and I was given a reply, "It's only been going on for one week".  I'm stuck in a battle of not getting enough information and Comcast telling me what the second tech told me is false.


I'm just really sure what the second tech told is true.  I'm positive this tech has been in my neighborhood helping my neighbors with the same issue I'm having.  And I have a feeling that the TV and internet signal strength deteriorates when more people are using the internet and watching TV.


(I watched the Royal Wedding at 6am, around 7am the signal dropped.  Around dinner the signal drops guarenteed.)

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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

To get the best attention with your issue now that you have explained more, please email to and include a link to this post.


Explain your situation and the Comcast Cares Team will followup with you. You can also Tweet to @comcastcares.

The Comcast Cares Team will get the right local or regional people involved.

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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

SE Lower Michigan:


I am having the same problem. One evening, TV and internet went off 7 times within an hour.

So tired of talking to techs who seem to think you are stupid if you are over 60.

Which is the reason a lot do not call.

Most have better things to do than hang on the phone with a tech for an hour gwetting nothing resolved.


I would switch, but right now, complex has contract. We have no "choice".

I hear tenants are trying to do something about it because of the service we are getting or should I say NOT getting.


I am just about ready to move back to my old complex across the street where I had a choice and did switch to ATT U-Verse in 2007 which was great.


My friend, who stilll ives there, is also having the same problems with Comcast as we do here, but tech said their problems have nothing to do with our problems?


I was also supposed to get free wi-fi here, so I could use my netbook on my balcony.

But couldn't get router installed after hours on the phone with Comcast and also the company who made the router. So, I returned it toComcast.


I had no problem with U-Verse router.





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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

I'm having internet cutting off as well, Seems to be on the top of the hour.

Like someone is resetting a switch somewhere.


It would be nice if we could be emailed when this testing or resetting of equipment is happening.


Drops you for 5 to 10 mins , the time it takes for a switch to reboot.


I understand it has to happen sometimes but at least let us know it is going on.

or will be going on.


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Re: Comcast TV and Internet cutting in and out

This tech explained that the entire neighborhood that I live in has a serious issue that Comcast does not know how to fix at the moment.

Some techs need a smack upside the head.:smileyplain: What the tech meant to say was "I lack the skills to figure out what is wrong with your cable and I should probably call my supervisor or a lead tech and ask for help, but that's too hard."

Since this is an unresolved problem, you should ask Comcast Corporate for help.

To get help, you can drop a note to Comcast corporate customer service (

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible;
Account number;
A link to your post.


Or you can ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum.