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Comcast Wireless Router Models

I read somewhere that Comcast is providing Wireless Routers to its High Speed Customers free of charge. Is this still accurate. If so, can we know the model, and capability of the routers available to compare it to ones we might buy?


For instance,I currently have an old Cisco Wireless G router. It has nice features like a built in antenna, and WPA2 Personal encryption. -- But it's not the new wireless N standard, nor does it have Gigabit wired ports, or additional features.


If Comcast were for instance providing high end routers like the new DLink DIR-655 or Cisco E3000 free of charge I might consider it. -- But a low end 150bps N router might not provide any overall improvement, in my case.


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Re: Comcast Wireless Router Models

To order the free router, go to this page:


There's discussion of it in this DSLReports thread:

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Re: Comcast Wireless Router Models

Necesito si pueden mandarme un comcast wireless router model [ New]