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Incompetent Customer Service and supervisors!

Where do I start?? Short story, I called Comcast 3 months ago to have your new Infinity Security Installed in our home. We loved the idea of having an alarm on our sum pump in our basement and our current alarm company doesn't offer it...
After almost 3 weeks of getting the run around every time I called. Customer Service had no idea who was suppose to come out and do a consultation. I got a different answer all 3 times. They finally manage to send someone out to give us an estimate. The rep tells us we can't do a takeover on the alarm and that we need a whole new system. We ok it. Cost's over a thousand dollars. Didn't have to schedule an appointment because I already did with customer service the day before because in my last phone call they told me the tech that installs it comes out and gives us the estimate before they install. A week goes by and the installers come. They evaluate my home and were very polite. They tell me the better way to go about this is to do a takeover of my current alarm and just add whatever we want extra. They tell us our system is compatible. They spent 2 hours in my home speaking to us and going over all our options. They explain they don't have the proper equipment on their truck because the rep had called them in advance and told them it was a new install. So they reschedule the installation and apologize for the inconvenience. They re-schedule it for the following week. Following week comes, I take another day off from work and different techs show up. Again very polite. They ask us what kind of installation they are doing. Don't know why? they should already know. But we tell them they are there to do a takeover. They go through the house looking at our current security, and come to us an start apologizing because again, they were given wrong equipment and they can't do the take over. They were given equipment for a new installation. They agreed with the previous techs that we don't need a new installation and that we only need a take over, and can add the additional thing we want at a small cost. Till this point We are still understanding and asked them what will Comcast do about the inconvenience this has caused us? because I have had to take off from work two days and don't want to take off another day for the same thing to happened again. So the tech calls his supervisor from my house. I hear him explain the whole scenario, and I hear him telling him exactly what equipment we need and what we are adding extra. He hangs up phone and tells us that his supervisor is handling the whole thing and not to worry that they will bend over backwards to make sure that they install everything correctly and fast. And that they would also give us some insentive for the inconvenience. They tell me the supervisor will get in touch with us and not to worry about it and to expect a phone call to re-schedule. Two hole weeks go by and absolutely no phone calls from anyone at Comcast. So now I call again. Costumer Service is clueless to this matter. So she wants to reschedule me fore new people to come out and do a take over. I tell her that is fine but I would like to speak to a supervisor first. I get a shift manager on the phone, after explaining the whole story he apologizes and tells me to please tell the whole story to the girl I was speaking to before he got on the phone because she was going to put it in an email to their supervisors so they can take care of it. So now I spend another hour on the phone. She reads back the email to me and she says I should receive an email from their offices in a couple of days and then she re-schedules a new appointment with a tech. I ask her to make sure they know its a take over and to make sure they have the right equipment for the take over. She assures me. So now I take off work for the third time. The call time was suppose to be around 10-3. I wait around and at about noon I get a call from a tech and all he says to me is "is this suppose to be a takeover?" and he sound upset. I said yes. He said he would call me right back and with no explanation he hangs us on me. I wait around till 5pm and no more phone calls and no one shows up. So now I am upset. Up until now, I was very understanding. So I realized my caller id picked up his cell number so I call it. Surprise it went to voice mail. But the voicemail went to someone else desk. I leave a message. I get a phone call from an other gentlemen (btw, he is the only one through out this whole process that bothered to call us back),he tells us he can't help us he is just a cable installer who was checking the messages for the person who' voicemail I called because he was out of the office. But he said he would try to get someone to call us back asap. 2 more weeks go by and no calls. Then out of no where there is a message on my voice mail and it was someone to re-schedule the installation. But I couldn't call him back because he said he had no phone number for me to call? that was very strange. So he says he will call back again. Well unfortunately I work everyday because I own a restaurant. So unless he leaves a number I can't call him back. Apparently the tech never gave this guys my cell or work number. Another 4weeks go by and I come home and I get a phone call from customer service wanting to know how we like our new alarm system!! I couldn't believe it! I was like is this a joke???So I start telling the girl what has happened. So she gets me a supervisor on the phone. He apologized profusely. He guaranteed me he would get to the bottom of all this and even gave me his id number. I have it if you need it. He was in Canada. He told me to give him a week to figure it all out. I told him he had two because I would be leaving for my daughter's dance competition. He promised me he wouldn't pass the buck and would call me no matter what. Even if he couldn't find out what happened. He had me on the phone again for about an hour. He sounded very sincere. I thought to my self " maybe finally someone will be successful in handling the matter." Well 3 weeks have passed by and guess what? That's right. No phone call. I can not believe how such a big company can be so incompetent!!! What is worst is that its just not one department. Every department has had an excuse but yet has screwed up.
Im starting to feel as if we did something to you guys. I never lost my cool once with anyone in your company. We were just as polite and understanding as your employees were. We have a business so we understand when things go wrong. But now i have had it. I really don't understand it. There was no way I was getting on the phone again for like 5th time to explain the whole situation and have to spend more hours on the phone. So after all this my husband and I decided to just forget about it and just wait till Guardian offers the alarm for the sum pump.
Well here is the topper.
I receive my cable bill tonight. I was charged for the monthly service of an alarm we don't have, and worst, was charged for all of the equipment that was never even installed!!! (and overcharged to boot).
This is absultuely redicules

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Re: Incompetent Customer Service and supervisors!

To get help, you can contact Comcast Corporate Customer Service ( Send a link to this thread and your account details. You can also ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.


I'll also let Comcast know you need help.

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Re: Incompetent Customer Service and supervisors!

Thank You

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Re: Incompetent Customer Service and supervisors!

I feel your pain. I've been paying for equipment that last five months that I don't even have. Each time I call about my bill not being correct, they can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Because of a website glitch I couldn't see my comcast bills until just recently. After looking at the bill it was clear that I was being charged for equipment that isn't even in my possession. They are so incompetent. No one ever makes a note in your account so each time you call you have to start from scratch.


I moved to my new house in February. When I called to move my service I upgraded to include the home phone, (which I don't even use) so that I could get the free HD DVD. The rep on the phone said that she would send me all new equipment and that everything would be set up at my new house when we moved in. On the day of move-in, while unpacking, I go to hook up the cable and it doesn't work. I call customer service and they have no idea. I also inquire about the new equipment coming and they inform me that there is no record of me receiving new equipment. They send a tech person out to check the lines on the outside of the house. Two days go by and we still don't have service. I call and speak to someone and they have no idea that I even moved and no idea of the new equipment. So after a few more days, we finally get the problem solved when a tech finally comes to the house. He sets everything up and it is now working. While he is at the house, the new equipment that I've been talking about to Comcast reps arrives at my door. So now I have the old equipment from my apartment, the equipment that the tech brought and the equipment that the first customer service rep that I spoke to sent. 


During all this time, I am on the phone with customer service daily and each time it's like the first time that this problem is being addressed. I am then being told that I will be credited the five days that I was without service and that never showed up on my bill. And, after sending the two additional sets of equipment back, I'm still being charged for it. 


It's unbelievable. If my work ran like this, we would be out of business. I work in pulic relations and this is the worst debacle I've ever seen. My fiance is in quality management and he can't even get on the phone with the customer service reps because he can't stand their total lack of service and support.


Something needs to be done quickly because it seems like there are more people displeased then there are happy. Maybe some people are not doing their jobs and need to go back to training.

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Re: Incompetent Customer Service and supervisors!

I couldn't agree more.  I have experienced nothing but the opposite of what Comcast promises in their customer guarantee.  They don't show up for appointments.  Supervisors don't call back as promised.  Most of the technicians don't seem to know a lick about what they are doing(I have experienced some knowledgeable ones).  It's just rediculous.  They say that they take notes but nobody bothers to read anything so every time you call about the same problem(which you shouldn't have to do because they pride themselves on solving problems the first time, according to their own literature) you have to start from scratch.  Technicians come to my door and ask what they are there for.  How insane is that?  I'm so done.  I'm just waiting to see if anybody bothers to contact me since my last letter because the last technician ruined my brand new 60' television set and the problem he came for still remains.  They call themselves a comunication company.  I don't think they understand the meaning of communication.