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I am very dissatisfied with the installation process for my bundle. So far three visits have left my service still wanting for completion and still with unresolved issues. I've communicated via chat, phone call, at the Comcast local office, and in person with one Comcast installation tech, one contractor, and one "quality control" rep. I find the chat and phone options most tiresome and need personal service or will plan to return to ATT.

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Re: Installation

Welcome to Comcast. As you have seen, the customer service leaves alot to be desired. If you want to post your issues on this forum, there are a bunch of people who will try to help.

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Re: Installation

To get help, you can contact Comcast Corporate Customer Service ( Send a link to this thread and your account details. You can also ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.


I'll also contact Comcast on your behalf and let them know you need help.