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Phone Support

Since establishing new service in Jan 2012, I have called Comcast Support several times. Each time, with perhaps one exception, the call ended with no satisfaction, or what I later learned was inaccurate information.


When I first decided to go with Comcast Triple play, I was told I could lease my modem or buy one from a well known electronics retailer. After a thorough search, I discovered none of the modems available were Voice capable. A rep at the electronics retailer talked to several people in his local store and at their .com site. He confirmed what I had determined - they did not sell Voice capable modems in-store or online. Learning this, I decided to go without Voice. Issue solved, or so I thought. When I called about another issue, the rep I started with inquired as to why I hadn't included Voice. I responded that I was "iffy" about needing a landline and the inability to purchase my own Voice capable modem sealed the deal without Voice. He became rather indignant before the call ended because I explained he was passing along the same DIS-information I was originally given by a different Comcast rep regarding the availability of Voice capable modems for purchase by the customer. After ending the call, I again called the electronics retailer and again was told no Voice capable modems were sold by their company. Everything I read online indicated John Q. Public COULD NOT buy the modem needed to activate Comcast Voice. When I attempted to view Motorola's Voice modems, I was directed to the reseller site.


I had an issue with my first bill and called customer support. I explained I wasn't ready to dispute the charges - I needed to know first what exactly the charges meant. The rep I spoke with could do nothing but read the description on the bill. It was apparent I needed to speak with a person face-to-face. Comcast closed our local office last year, and the closest office with service reps is 30 miles away. I can understand Comcast's need to cut expense, but before they reduced the staff they should have been certain the remaining staff could handle the call volume effectively. The key word being EFFECTIVELY. Off I drove. I felt the rep in the office understood my questions and went about adjusting the bill. When I checked online today, the resulting credit was not apparent. Today's rep told me the credit should be showing, and confirmed it wasn’t.


So, I'm getting ready make another trip to my "local" office to see what's what.


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Re: Phone Support

Should you not get satisfaction from this, I may have PLENTY of direct contact information to Corprate people.

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Re: Phone Support

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For more information see this link

In the third message there is a link to Best Buy sites that were listed at the time of that thread that sold phone modems. The abiilty to purchase your own phone modem is not available in all Comcast markets and apparently that information is not told to all phone reps.


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Re: Phone Support

I have already notified the Administrators of your post.  Watch for a reply.


 See the post made by JayInAlg in this thread (toward the bottom of the thread)



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Re: Phone Support


Thank You
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Re: Phone Support

My phone service will not work, the chat online will not work. I have trouble shooted and have had no avail. Can someone from customer service please contact me back??

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Re: Phone Support

ashelt: This is a customer to customer forum. You will have to call Comcast, they will not contact you.