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I have been on the phones for hours.  from mr. _______ to Jeniffer, Dulce,Octavia, Barry, and then Angie who hung up on me.  They can't help you they just push you to another person.  Your theiving company is a joke!


Simple request to forward my ports, they want to charge $$$$$$$$ for!  Eventhough i was working with another company for weeks that didn't charge me a dime.  Which lead to the conclusion that it was a problem with comcast.  Something they DID!


So to sum it up kids!  THIEVING comcast want to charge you for their mistakes.


solution cancel comcast!

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Re: Thieves COMCAST

If you are talking about setting up port forwarding on your router, then that is not something our free technical support would be able to assist you with.

Comcast would likewise not make changes to existing port forwarding settings that were on your router.
We do offer a home networking support through our Xfinity Signature Support service, but that is not a free service.

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