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Xfinity Quad Play Bundle - Well Documented Fraud

In April, 2013, I combined my home phone, Internet, cable tv, and home security with the Xfinity Quad Bundle. I was quoted a price of $199 for installation of all equipment. When I received my first bill, it was for over $800 and I was told that the installation cost was $1,000 that would be in 4 payments. I have called Comcast customer service over 15 times since then. Each time I've either been hung up on or told I would receive a call back from a supervisor to correct the issue.

Needless to say, I refuse to pay for the $1,000 installation. My bill each month should be for $265. I'm now being charged late fees of $8 each month for the amount remaining from the installation. On top of all this, installation of the security system was faulty and a second installation crew had to come back to my home to reinstall several days later. One of the two security cameras installed still does not work.

I have been a customer with Comcast since their inception. These are the sort of customer service issues that will put Comcast out of business eventually; low-cost internet TV options like Netflix and Hulu are becoming far more attractive to consumers like myself because of this kind of treatment. Comcast is perpetrating a fraud - if this is not fixed, I plan on filing a formal complaint with the FCC and I have contacted an attorney for legal representation.
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Re: Xfinity Quad Play Bundle - Well Documented Fraud

Send an email to the We Can Help Team..
full name.
service address.
phone number.
account number.
link to this thread.
full details of the problems.
Try this. These folks are generally pretty helfpul



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Re: Xfinity Quad Play Bundle - Well Documented Fraud

What ever happened with this?