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Address Book

I read many post on the Address Book Help forums on the Comcast Web site.  So many people had and are having issues, one wonders if anything is being done to correct it.  I understand that Plaxco is the company who manages the Address Book, so that must be the place for a solution. 
Like many others, I add a new contact to the universal address book, and see it there, but it does not populate to the To: list on the "Send email form.  Also, when I add a contact from the Universal Address Book to a new Group, it also does not appear on the group To: list.
This process used to work, but no more.  What's happening? A software glitch?  What is being done to correct it? I've tried the Lite and Full versions, three different browers, etc. to no avail.  If it's not corrected soon....then it's bye-bye Comcast and Hello Gmail!!!
Please send me a reply with a status update report or "fix."  Thanks,  Paul Horton
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Re: Address Book

You might try contacting Plaxo----the company that handles the address book function for Comcast, and tell them you need to have a slow sync done on your email account.  Put "Slow-Sync Address Book" in the Subject line.  They are at

These are customer to customer support forums. We are paying customers just like you. We volunteer our time to try and help other customers with how-to help, and troubleshoot problems if we can. We can't look at your account. The only Comcast employees in the forums are those with their names in RED.