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Can I still resize attachments using COMCAST email?

Hello. I used to be able to reduce the size of my photo attachments very easily using an option in the email interface. That option seems to have been removed. I would like to resize my pictures to send without the headache of having to install and use separate software. Any ideas?


Thank you.

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Re: Can I still resize attachments using COMCAST email?

It's all about initial file size, really.  If you save pictures you want to send via e-mail, they shouldn't be full-blown 16 megapixel images.  (Yours may be smaller, but you've not provided any info.)


I don't know how recently you "used to be able to" resize a photo entirely using the webmail or SmartZone interfaces.  I don't recall that being a simple thing (or even possible) via those browser interfaces.  I don't regularly use the photo features available, but try to keep up with what's there--and it has always been limited.


For a while, nobody but professionals had digital cameras that would tax an e-mail system for the odd photo attachment, or two.  But now, camera image sizes can exceed what an e-mail provider allows as an attachment, when you add several to an e-mail.

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Re: Can I still resize attachments using COMCAST email?

If you post back with which operating system you have, we may be able to help you further with ways to resize.

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