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Can't access e-mail

After calling comcast 4 times and no success I'm getting quite irritated.  When trying to login to my e-mail I get this error message, 

Sorry, we were unable to load your email and voicemail.

Please try refreshing your browser in a few minutes.

I just signed up for comcast business services last week and I have yet to be able to login to my e-mail.  This is ridiculous.  I've tried refreshing my browser, different computers, different browsers, and deleting cache.

I've noticed there are HUNDREDS of other people on your forum who have the same issue.  What is going on comcast?  I have my first bill due in 6 days....Don't you think I should have my services working properly before I give you my money? 

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Re: Can't access e-mail

Cannot access e-mail on my desk top using internet exployer and Vista. I get the inbox preview but when I click  e-mail, the e-mail screen appears briefly and the reverts to the previous window. E-mail  works fine on my laptop that uses Windows 7.