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Comcast email program in Windows 7

How can be installed Comcast email program in Windows 7 ?

The previous operating systems had a default like WindowsMail where we had to put the Comcast's  mail server information (Outgoing mail (SMTP): Incoming mail (POP3): .net) and pronto everything worked.

How do we do now?

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Re: Comcast email program in Windows 7

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If you are using Smartzone for your mail just go to, and sign in.  Click on the E-Mail icon in that same box and you should go to Smartzone.  Windows 7 does not come with an e-mail client (like Windows Mail did in Vista)  You need to download and install an e-mail client if you would prefer to use one.  Windows Live Mail downlooad can be found through the Microsoft website. Here is the link to the Windows Live mail download:  LINK

Once installed, go to this clickable link which contains the settings you need to set up IF you want to use an e-mail client.  Under the Advanced tab, you can set the e-mail client to leave a copy of your messages on the Comcast server as well.


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