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Comcast -- fix my e-mail

What is wrong with you people? All I want you to do is fix my email so I can send messages. My IP is clean. No spam is coming out of my computer. I have a firewall. I have virus protection.

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Re: Comcast -- fix my e-mail

i can go and feleet my mail but when i go over to the side to clean for trash is said no referer web mail doesent now whereto co ' http referer was not specified what does this mean
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Re: Comcast -- fix my e-mail

Katherlines, I have the same problem(so do other people). Comcast is aware of the problem, and has suggested that you try on another computer to see if that clears it up. Comcast also said it might be a Norton's Firewall problem. I do have NPF, and have configured it every which way possible. I still get the error message. There are people who do not have NPF who get the error message also. But after I empty the trash, and I click on the "My Folders" options, I see that the trash was emptied. t-car