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Email getting blocked from

I have signed up multiple times for email from and haven't received any within two weeks. Is there anyway to find out if Comcast is blocking them from my email account?

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Re: Email getting blocked from

Assuming you are using SmartZone webmail to access your email, you can check the SPAM folder to see if there's anything in there from Sears. If it's being blocked by Comcast, I believe it will show up in the spam folder, but I'm not an email expert. I'm assuming "blocked" emails would appear in the spam folder. The spam folder is near the top-left side of the screen.


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Re: Email getting blocked from


mikdunla wrote:

I have signed up multiple times for email from and haven't received any within two weeks. Is there anyway to find out if Comcast is blocking them from my email account?

Have you been able to receive emails from them in the past?  If yes... Do you have one of those old emails?  If you do, copy/paste the header from an old message and post it for review.  Do remove the beginning of all email addresses from the header, but leave the domain. (   If you need help with viewing posting a header, let us know.


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Re: Email getting blocked from

Thanks - but the SPAM folder is always empty (and I have spam disabled) - so go figure. I think they block email regardless of how secure or unsecure you specify in your settings.

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Re: Email getting blocked from

Do you have any messages from Sears from before they were blocked? Post the headers of a message, and a Comcast admin may be able to figure out what's happening.

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Re: Email getting blocked from

I created a test email account and signed up. Email was received. But still cannot receive them from my main/master email account???  Here are the headers from the test account email:



Subject: Midnight Madness Online Only | Extra 5-15% Off Tonight Only!

Date: June 19, 2010 11:30:35 PM PDT




Received: from (LHLO ( by with LMTP; Sun, 20 Jun 2010 08:46:47 +0000 (UTC)

Received: from ([]) by with comcast id Y8lq1e00C0SbmRG0Q8mo77; Sun, 20 Jun 2010 08:46:48 +0000

Received: by (PowerMTA(TM) v3.5r10) id h3nane0morcf for <>; Sat, 19 Jun 2010 23:30:35 -0700 (envelope-from <>)

X-Caa-Spam: N00000

X-Authority-Analysis: v=1.1 cv=n4UXVkpDFxwTIgaoGEP3oOUkfYnEVwaA3fAO8oARL3w= c=1 sm=1 a=xbtwa4KKJccA:10 a=UBIxAjGgU1YA:10 a=c-JOwDoeAAAA:8 a=WQi-xKhkAAAA:8 a=z6o7PCago0BLnbn2xcYA:9 a=Pansvqi7I4zx5J08jmwA:7 a=DHjX9PKRLAnsgedeDTwCjaXJSVAA:4 a=wPNLvfGTeEIA:10 a=M3X9xD8VzNYA:10 a=WBxEqhujLwQ7lUuo:21 a=AVNqTzzl5cTIM5N1:21 a=FIA4VO2zAAAA:8 a=zr3X_Vg0KIxKzZmX_OAA:9 a=UvMTuqlGG5gwZhYbEjsA:7 a=qJWG5RgBIWMN5HagX_hm_9UBs1wA:4 a=Mqa_0yU1h0ZzdVJB:21 a=EVhg1Yx2CEquYceu:21 awl=host:658 a=PBYmIEu/Fai7ewyP3fjjvg==:117

Dkim-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha1; c=relaxed/relaxed; s=sears;; h=MIME-Version:Content-Type:smileylaugh:ate:From:Reply-To:Subject:List-Unsubscribe:To:Message-Id;; bh=DsQPoo63eU/viewqDYd/ZxrnV/E=; b=cAd+JDRyvYVY4Bml0BL8pYUEufQZo7UuPs+y31DS1slekuCqEF3e6jNfgKtXJyULiElMBwWFHFHs S33fsT7fiFtd4z790Alku7PjlpujKf2B5JiZCx/4KBRS1E5YYSkZx409iiB51nUbxiWyVySyFfAT DCHr9UWSs0NZZRWSgvw=

Domainkey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws; q=dns; s=sears;; b=HjJIRJo+M2k827iCDjZBpzav43SLUslvNNkPcKtfhfRms/MuPoBVcq4IqmMI87vtJpNT3ITDcBC/ av3WjbJC1uVnnOQKYHUZE4ttFaP5Zt29A3sKtnreMiWxCt5hrXtOZCUeGLCuru1ddiEXF6GhrAr9 DL9A6HgNE3WFwOn/EuM=;

Mime-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----msg_border"


X-Cid: sears.3698.1

X-Sgxh1: urKYRDY

X-Valueof-Unica_Campaign_Id: 1000897

X-Valueof-Customer_Id: 93068120

X-Valueof-Opt_Type_Code: SC

Message-Id: <>